UP’s Unaided Private Schools request to allow fee increment and physical classes

Last week, Unaided Private Schools Association (UPSA), Uttar Pradesh, had a meeting and asserted during a press conference that they are not happy with UP’s decision to disallow increase in fees this year as well. They sent a letter in this regard also asking to start physical classes in state schools from week starting 7th February. Here is more about UP’s Unaided Private Schools request to allow fee increment and physical classes:

As per HT’s news report, a member of UPSA stated “A large number of private schools in Uttar Pradesh have no option but to shut down their schools if the state government does not allow them to increase fees and reopen completely from February 7.” Schools said that while inflation is increasing, the teachers are being paid the same salary since last couple of years. Schools agreed to the fact that many people lost their job during pandemic but while situation is normal in other areas, schools and school staff still continue to bear the brunt of pandemic. It also said that the quality of teaching would come down due to inability to retain teachers and many teachers are moving to other professions as well for this reason. The school has to spend amount on infrastructure for online schooling and also running most of its school infrastructure to retain its class IV employees. The member said that “Excessive interference by government in private school’s functioning will bring down the quality of education and private schools will become just like any government schools that lack quality teaching”.

The schools also told about the growing pressure on teachers due to malpractices being followed in online schooling. Some inappropriate conduct is causing harassment to teachers and we need to soon move to physical form of schooling from current system to sustain this ecosystem, created since long.

We are sure vaccination of young kids, if feasible, will help achieve the above expectations. Meanwhile, physical classes for 9th to 12th classes have been allowed in the state from 7th February. Also, if the fees is eventually increased, the Year-over-year increase would be on the same baseline. What do you as parents or school representatives feel about UP schools request to allow fee increment and physical classes?



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