Go4Reviews School Awards 2020 Noida extension

Go4Reviews did a school survey in Noida extension in month of June/July this year. The results were declared and shared in August at https://go4reviews.in/2020/08/best-schools-greater-noida-west/. The schools were rated through desk and form based surveys where information was sought from schools, parents and teachers.  Go4Reviews is now awarding best among the best schools in Noida extension region. The awards are being distributed based on following categories:

Academic Excellence

Individual attention

Co-curricular activities


Value for Money

Pacific world school, Lotus valley International school, DWPS school, Aster school and Sarvottam school have begged the most awards among Noida extension schools. The basis of the awards concurs with the basis of our survey where we rated schools based on academic capabilities, student teacher ratio, co-curricular events, extra curricular events, fees versus outcomes. There were situations where multiple schools shared category excellence but the fraction score was then taken into consideration for coming up with the best.

Here are the Go4Reviews School Awards 2020 Noida extension certificates:










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