End user checklist for buying flats in a society

An end user has a very different perspective to buying home for himself/herself. Along with builder reputation, location and flat quality, there are many other considerations he/she has to keep in mind to ensure a peaceful and satisfying stay at a place they have spent their entire live savings. We bring to you an end user checklist for buying flats in a society, that could help you from the usual issues faced by an end user.

As mentioned above, the video does not cover the general suggestions about builder, location or flat quality since these have already been covered in our previous articles. It lists some other important considerations from an end user perspective.

Considerations like Floors, Sunlight, Noise, Communication system preparedness etc. have been covered as part of this video. Please do tell us if you have a feedback or anything to add to the above end user checklist for buying flats in a society.


Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by Go4Reviews

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