Parking – A battle after possession

One of the many reasons why people have moved from independent living to community leaving is the anticipated comfort of Parking.
With lack of well designated parking spaces in city like Delhi, finding one is a gold hunt in itself.
There have been sporadic cases of fights even leading to extreme cases of murder owing to this. One apparent respite that community living has on offer is the designated parking to a flat owner.

But, that even reserved parking is a menace in group housing societies in Delhi NCR nowadays is no news.

The ordeal starts from the allotment of parking at time of possession. There have been incidences where during parking allotment, builders turn up with bouncers to cover up the anomalies in parking allotment.

Secondly, once the inferior parking is served to the buyer/owner, the buyer goes through the inconvenience of his/her designated parking being often occupied by a temporary visitor.

The reasons attributed to this violation of parking space are:

1) Insufficient marking/signage in the parking spot indicating its a reserved space.
Its essential for buyers to reach the builder and/or maintenance to ensure proper signage for reserved and visitor parkings so that visitors do not park in reserved spots.
Also, its important that proper marking of flat number illuminable at night be done at each parking spot.

2) Lack of civic sense and apathy in people.
This is more about attitude. People have this careless attitude and even after knowing that its a reserved spot, tend to park there. Even other flat owners (non-visitors) park their cars at wrong spots at their will to their comfort. Hence, proper security guard driven policing is required at parking spots.

3) Lack of strict implementation of parking compliance.
All cars should bear flat number. Visitors shall be allowed only after talking to the flat owner whom they are visiting.
If guards at entrance and at parking spots guide the visitors in the righteous manner, the likelihood of such violation can be significantly reduced.

If flat owners themselves violate the designated parking scheme, they should be summoned to the maintenance agency and shall be fined after regular repetition of the offence.

ATS Village in sector 93 Noida is a perfect example of having achieved success through proper signage, monitoring by tower security guards and coordination with flat owners.

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One thought on “Parking – A battle after possession

  • August 3, 2015 at 4:08 pm

    What to do when the builder is not doing anything to make basement parking usable? Amrapali Silicon city is prime example.
    He is waiting for more residents to come in so that an artificial scarcity is created. He will then demand huge price to allot the available parking, that too on a lottery system. This will create a huge issue with those who do not get slot, as the builder has not provided for slots to cater to all flats.
    This is also violation of Supreme Court judgements and National Building code.

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