Best Sports Academies in Gurgaon

Sport was always associated with the art of living carefree and healthy. With many people taking it as a career or profession, over the years, Sport has become an integral part of Education. Every modern school is now consciously trying to inculcate habit of playing sports among its students. Parents are also becoming more aware of the benefits that come along with sports. They are looking for schools with full size sports facility and coaching. And if at all, school doesn’t possess such a facility, they opt for coaching outside school in evening hours. We bring to you some of the best sports academies in Greater Noida in case you are looking for one:

American Excelsior School Sector 43

The school has host of sports facilities including Cricket, Soccer, Badminton, Skating etc. Its Soccer/Football facility is the most promising among others and is preferred by students and parents of prospective football learners.

Paris Saint German football academy Sector 28

PSG football academy is one of the hottest sports training centre for Football in India. No doubt the Gurgaon branch is also most sought after options for parents.

Ryders academy Sector 57

Parents have given good feedback for Tennis. However, for other sports training, the reviews might be a mixed bag.

Bhaichung Bhutia Football Schools Sector 55

The above gives good competition to PSG academy for football training.

Mount olympus excellence academy shooting

For those parents looking for shooting training for their kids, this has been considered a reasonably satisfactory option.

Kunskapsskolan international

Skating and Swimming are sports that have got decent feedback from the parents. Recently, shooting was also introduced in the school.

Manav rachna 46 sector

Following options are available-Swimming – Half Olympic Size Pool, Lawn tennis, Cricket, Football, Gymnastics, Horse-riding, Basketball, Skating, Taekwondo, Yoga, Pool, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom. However, Swimming  and Tennis are the two best options to pursue in the school.

Ping Pong Academy Sector 15

This is an excellent options for those willing to take up table tennis as the sport of their choice. The academy has received  very good feedback from parents and players alike.

Sankalp sports Academy DLF IV

A perfect destination for those seeking career in Basketball. It is running other sports too but Basketball has been their forte.


Most of the above mentioned schools running academies keep the academy open to outsiders during evening hours or during off-school days.


If you are aware of any other coaching center, coach or academy, do share with us so that we could add it to the list.



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