Best Sports Academies in Noida

Sport was always associated with the art of living carefree and healthy. With many people taking it as a career or profession, over the years, Sport has become an integral part of Education. Every modern school is now consciously trying to inculcate habit of playing sports among its students. Parents are also becoming more aware of the benefits that come along with sports. They are looking for schools with full size sports facility and coaching. And if at all, school doesn’t possess such a facility, they opt for coaching outside school in evening hours. We bring to you some of the best sports academies in Noida in case you are looking for one:


Ramagya School Sector 50 Noida

Ramagya school provides coaching for swimming, lawn tennis, cricket, basketball, gymnastics and football among other indoor sports. Recently, M.S. Dhoni academy for cricket has taken up coaching at the center. In central Noida, it is most famous for its cricket and swimming center.


Gyanshree school Sector 127 Noida

The school that came up two years back has an excellent sports infrastructure. It has facilities for all major outdoor sports. Its Cricket academy is specially famous among parents choosing a sports facility in Noida.


JBM Global school Sector 132 Noida

The school has an excellent outdoor sports infrastructure in place. The facility is also in demand among corporates seeking grounds for their event. The school has Saba Karim cricket academy and has recently added Baichung Bhutia Football academy. Cricket and Lawn tennis academy are favorites here.


Genesis Global school Sector 132 Noida

If it comes to quality of sports infrastructure in Noida, Genesis School is indeed the leader. Its cricket academy is quite a favorite among parents. It also provides a good Football and Badminton training for its students. The summer sports camp is quite famous among people living in this area. It is also a preferred destination for some amateur golf seekers.  Dynamic Kickboxing Training fitness center


Most of the above schools keep the academy open to outsiders during evening hours or during off-school days.


Other than the above schools, the Dribble academy in Sector 93 Noida is also a new yet established center for Basketball coaching.  Similarly, the Dynamic Kickboxing Training fitness center is also famous for its kickboxing coaching. The latter however is more preferred among adults.


If you are aware of any other coaching center, coach or academy, do share with us so that we could add it to the list.




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2 thoughts on “Best Sports Academies in Noida

  • January 29, 2019 at 3:11 am

    Ramagya or Billabong? Which one to go for for evening classes of basketball? Any parent whose child is going to these?

  • January 29, 2019 at 3:09 am

    How is baichung bhutia academy? Many schools have it today.

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