Fee structure comparison of Noida extension schools

Fee structure for Noida extension schools for session 2024-25 will be updated soon. Please refer individual school links given at https://go4reviews.in/2015/08/schools-in-noida-extension/ for school details. Noida extension has seen a surge in number of schools since it came into existence. As of Dec 20, there are around 25 recognized schools in the region. With more expected to join soon, the competition is immense. We have previously discussed the list of schools in Noida extension and also touched upon the best schools in the region based on our annual survey. While we have tried to rate schools basis of various parameters, it is very difficult to consider schools just on the basis of rankings. Many other factors like proximity to home, fees come into picture while deciding a school. Hence, as a first step, we thought of coming up with Fee structure comparison of Noida extension schools.

The idea of coming up with the fee structure comparison of Noida extension schools was to give the readers a single point view of fee structure of all schools. We leave it to the readers to decide which school they find value for money basis of fees versus their grading on different parameters. Please refer notes at the bottom of the table to understand any specific stats given in the table below:


Below is the fees for Noida extension schools for 2024-2025 session (the same is being updated as we receive more information)

Go4Reviews ExclusiveDWPSPacificSarvottamLVISInfinityMillenniumSt XaviersShriram GlobalGaursSeth Anandram JaipuriaAsterDPS KPVShriram UniversalBGS Vij.Aster KPVRyanGaganMount Litera ZeeSt FrancisManthanSt JohnsSalvationTWTSKSBLSJMISGD GoenkaSeth MR JaipuriaSparsh Global schoolSt Marys schoolRamagya schoolSt Teresa schoolPodar Learn school
Rank 202312345678910
Admission fees1500045000500004000035000Not updated400004000025000200003000050000500003000035000 (negotiable)25000200000 (for first session)45000200003500020000400002500030000400001500030000
Caution money0001000010000100007500200001000010000
Tuition fees118200 (2023-24)115200119400123720126000 (2023-24)1087201044001026001098008100072000102600 (2023-24)144000 (2023-24)8880085800 (2023-24)97068 (2023-24)72000900008400096000 (2023-24)64800 (2023-24)600007680081600102000 (2023-24)11520081600 (2023-24)79200 (2023-24)9700072000 (2023-24)13104090000

Below is the fees for Noida extension schools for 2023-2024 session

Go4Reviews ExclusivePacificDWPSLVISInfinitySarvottamDPS KPVMillenniumGaursSt XaviersAsterShriram UniversalBGS Vij.Aster KPVRyanGaganSt FrancisManthanSt JohnsShriram GlobalSalvationTWTSKSBLSJMISGD GoenkaSeth Anandram JaipuriaSeth MR JaipuriaSparsh Global schoolSt Marys schoolRamagya schoolPodar Learn schoolSt Teresa school
Rank 202212345678910
Admission fees4500015000400003500040000500001500030000300005000025000175002000016000450002000035000300001000100004000025000270003000010001500030000
Caution money00100001000001000020000100001000010000
Tuition fees10560011820011460012600010400093600108000998289720072000144000103200780007836066000840009600064800840005400066000776401020001152008160072000792008800072000131040

Below is the fees for Noida extension schools for 2021-2022 session

Go4Reviews ExclusivePacificLVISDWPSSarvottamInfinityAsterGaursBGS Vij.DPS KPVAster KPVMillenniumRyanGaganSt FrancisSt XaviersManthanSt JohnsShriram GlobalSalvationTWTSKSBLSJMISGD GoenkaSeth Anandram Jaipuria
Admission fees4500040000150004000010000450001000016000Not known300002500030000100020000175002500011250
Caution money01000002000010000200005000
Tuition fees9720011460010200098000980006300090750720009360078000900005730072000864008120084000468005600090000966006300


Below is the fees for Noida extension schools for 2019-2020/2020-2021 session (Please refer https://go4reviews.in/2019/09/fee-structure-of-top-schools-in-noida-extension-for-year-2020-21/ for year 2020-20201 session fee structure of top schools)

Noida extension schools Fee structure
Noida extension schools Fee structure for 2019-2020/2020-2021 session


Below is the fees for Noida extension schools for last year i.e. 2018-2019 session

Fee structure comparison of Noida extension schools
Fee structure comparison of Noida extension schools for 2018-2019 session


  • Some schools have defined composite fees instead of individual components like Tuition fees, Lab fees, Annual charges etc. while some schools are yet to frame the basis for calculations.
  • Tuition fees or composite fees is listed for Nursery class. Some schools like Pacific have same fees for all the classes while others may have 300 to 900 Rs more tuition fees for each class above nursery.
  • Above does not list the caution fees/security fees since that is refundable.
  • Wherever fee structure for 2019-2020 was not available, fee structure for 2018-2019 was considered.
  • Transport fees is not listed.
  • Miscellaneous expenses also include uniform and books cost as bought from school. The figures are approximate and as provided by parents of individual schools.
  • Fields marked as NA are not known or volatile (could be Nil or more).


While every care is taken to ensure accuracy of data, the information provided on or via this website may not necessarily be completely comprehensive or accurate.  We shall have no liability for the accuracy of the information and cannot be held liable for any claims with respect to losses or damages incurred. If you think you may have noticed any error or omission, please let us know by commenting on this article.

We visited all schools in Noida extension and made this drive through video



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