How brand name and principal can help you judge an upcoming school

The key parameters that define the requirement of modern day parents are Child Safety, Academics, Security, Individual attention to the child, Co-curricular, sports and Infrastructure. However, for parents, identifying potential of a newly opened school is difficult. This is where Brand name and Principal credentials can help judge a school.

Brands shall not be treated as symbols of dominance. Behind the process of establishing that brand, a lot of hard work is put in. The brands follow a specific teaching methodology across schools and keep a bare minimum standard for staff that they recruit.  This helps schools to set up safety and security standards matching their established schools. This also leads to an easier direction for teachers on how to teach and treat the child. This in turn makes them potentially stand out in comparison to other competing schools. It is also to be noted that Brand is also an indication of how it has performed on other parameters like Safety, Security, Individual attention to child, Co-curricular, Extra-curricular activities. A particular brand might not have done well on few of these parameters while it must have done very well on few others. And they are expected to follow the same trait or at least they can be assumed to follow the same trait.

While Brand has its own value, a Brand is not a Brand unless Principal of a new school is of the same quality as being recruited by schools of past. A Principal has to be a reasonably experienced personnel in the same or similar job (in a school of good stature). Having an experienced Principal helps the school establish itself in a much organized and brisk manner. A gentle Principal is generally approachable and promotes good parents-school interaction which is equally important for parent’s satisfaction.

For Parents looking for insights into a new school which is still establishing itself, our suggestion is to focus on these parameters and see how the pedigree of Brand and Principal’s previous school has performed on other related parameters like Child Safety and Security.

BRAND and PRINCIPAL are your gateway to identifying a Work In Progress/establishing school.


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2 thoughts on “How brand name and principal can help you judge an upcoming school

  • April 21, 2018 at 2:53 am

    That is the reason schools like Lotus and Pacific world did so well even while rest of the staff is uncertainty.

  • March 9, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Yes, these are good ways to identify an upcoming school. generally I experienced too.

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