Time to protest if CBSE School forcing costlier books on you

If your child is studying in a CBSE school, it is important for you to read this. CBSE in April 2016 had sent a circular to all schools affiliated to it to stop forcing children and parents to buy textbooks other than NCERT/CBSE books. The below excerpt from the circular clearly directs the schools to ensure strict use of NCERT books:

“In spite of many directions from the Board, it has been found that some of the schools affiliated to CBSE still force children and their parents to buy textbooks other than NCERT/CBSE textbooks as is evident from the complaints received in the Board.
In this context, CBSE would like to reiterate in unequivocal terms that prescribing of too many textbooks and coercing parents and children to buy them is unhealthy practice that is educationally unsound, specially since NCERT textual materials are the base for preparing test items in the Board Examinations and the Question Paper of CBSE is set according to prescribed syllabus of the subject.”

Further this year February, CBSE has given directions to schools to ensure they have sufficient stock of NCERT books. CBSE further took cognizance of schools demand that this deadline for booking be further extended and in turn the online demand date was advanced  to 28th Feb, 2017.

It is also important to understand that while reports in newspapers this year would suggest that instruction for strict use of NCERT books has been recently sent this year, the directions actually came well in advance in April last year as stated by us previously. Full circular that was sent to CBSE schools can be downloaded from Hence, schools have had enough time to order books.

Right time to protest if CBSE School forcing costlier books on you!!!

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