Noida Authority revives plans for beautification of Yamuna floodplain

Noida Authority has revived its plan for conservation and beautification of Yamuna floodplain post a notification issued last week by UP’s environment department.

As per Noida Authority, ‘the river Yamuna generates very high level of water flow during rainy seasons and some times due to discharge of rainy water from dams cause floods in the areas of Delhi and Noida.
Conservation of flood prone area is essential. Therefore, urban activities have not been proposed in the river front areas
of both the rivers. This entire area is proposed to be kept as  green and open. However, it is proposed that the river front areas shall be developed for recreational and tourist activities with the provision of some temporary and removable structure on 1 percent area of a
specific development project. A detailed plan of the development of river front areas is proposed to be prepared after a detailed study of its
environmental conditions and potentials of development. It is a sensitive area and needs a detailed study to understand the cycle of
flood occurrence, the ground water recharge potential and requirement, potential of reclamation and the potential of making this area physically accessible and functional’.

Noida Authority further states that ‘Flood Hazard NOIDA faces flood hazard due to Rivers Yamuna and Hindon. The sectors that are at high flood risk in case of breach of left afflux bund on Yamuna or water overflowing the top near Noida Toll Bridge in Noida are Sectors
16A, 95, 94, 124, 125, 126, and 127 while Sectors with low flood risk are sector 17, 18, 38A, 128, 44, 131, 133, 134, and 130.
A detailed preparedness plan has been proposed under chapter 4 of the DMP. At the same time to mitigate the impact of impending floods it has been strongly recommended that the embankment on the river Yamuna along the entire stretch of Noida should be strengthened and its height be raised to the required level to prevent devastation during an extreme flood situation. A regulator should be built on the
Okhla where it confluences with river Yamuna to prevent flooding through backflow’.

Re-bidding for DPR to assess the flood plain and possible usage is expected to come up sometime soon.

Source: Noida Authority planning


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