What is it like to see a dead mother alive? Nothing can explain this better than the epic scene

This beautifully knitted 2 minutes scene from the movie “Time Traveller’s wife” brings out the beast of emotions a son experiences when he meets his beloved mother who he knows has died years back. In the movie, Henry (son) can travel through time. His mom died when he was barely 5 years old. Now he is a grown up and decides to travel back to time when her mother was alive so as to tell her how much he loved her. His mom obviously hasn’t seen his son as a grown up so can’t recognize him anyway. What follows is an extremely emotional meet between the mom and son.

Watch the video yourselves before we talk more about the fine points.

The sea of emotions on Henry’s face when his mom said “May be she will one day” says it all. Only a true son devoid of mother’s love can feel for the emotion Henry would have gone through since he knew that it (meeting her one day) would never happen. The helplessness of being unable to hug her mother and being unable to tell her how much the son loves her mother can be heartfelt. This hurts but is a much bitter truth.

When Henry’s mom tells him to “make sure that girl knows how you feel about her” – he realizes that that her advice also applies to her mother as well and hence he makes it a point by telling at the end that “your son loves you very much”.

When the son disembarks from the train, and he looks through the train window back at her mother and she looks at him, as the train speeds away, there is a sense of conclusiveness that come what may, few things are never permanent in life.

I wish I could time travel. I would give almost anything to be able to see my mother. How I wish I could for once.


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