Noida Greater Noida metro – A dream coming to life

Noida Greater Noida metro route or brown line as it is slated to be called has been in pipeline for long but it finally seems to be taking shape. Much beyond the depot work that began 2 months back, sections of entire route now bear metro boards with at least 5-6 labors.

Noida Greater noida metro work

Felling  and pruning of trees, cleaning of metro construction site is a common sight and seem to reflect some seriousness towards achieving the goal of metro completion through the route by 2017.

Noida greater noida metro work felling of trees

The sections seeing maximum activity are sector 78 to 83, sector 83 to 137, sector 143, 146 to 147, near sector Mu and Bodaki depot.

One good aspect about this route is that entire section from sector 83 to Bodaki falls under unusable and unoccupied (from residential or commercial perspective) set up thereby reducing the acquisition hurdle that is otherwise a big pain in Delhi region.

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