Things you shall always keep at home

With the growing dissatisfaction about the quality of offerings by private builders these days, it is always a good idea to be prepared in advance to handle any unwanted repairs or eventualities.
There are few assets that are a must have to counter such worst case scenarios:

1) Fire extinguisher
There is a National building code that mandates fire sprinklers for building with a height more than 45 meters. However, practically speaking, there is no guarantee of their operations. Hence, it is crucial for buyers to have Fire extinguishers at their at all times. Home grown fires can be handled using Fire extinguishers if acted upon timely.

2) M-seal
With poor quality of CP fittings and fixtures, M-seal is a useful commodity. If applied properly on dry surfaces, can help seal leakages and joints.

3) Tool box
There have been many incidences of doors getting locked and jammed. There have been cases of window frames or screws coming out. Having a tool box with basic tools like Hammer, screw driver, cutters, testers etc. would be of a big help.

Please help us add more to the list if you fee like something is missed out 🙂

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