Reasons given by builder for delay in possession

When it comes to offering possession, builders have for long avoided even the meagre penalties that they are due to pay.
In order to avoid, they put the blame on some imaginary force majeure conditions leading to delay in completion of construction.

The reasons often mentioned by builders include but not limited to:

Farmer agitation
Restriction by government on use of ground water for construction
Scarcity/restriction of sand
Delay in clearances on authority’s part
Shortage of manpower
Escalation in import prices due to increasing dollar value
Back log of dues from allottees

Its a different thing that court does not consider such non-acts of god under the paradigm of force majeure and hence such excuses from builder are generally out rightly rejected.

Whatever the case be, its best for buyers to regularly communicate in written with builder over construction status and inquire if anything is holding back construction.
Builders don’t bring up these issues at the time of ongoing construction as such issues could hurt the market sentiments for the project. They hold these excuses back till the time of possession.
Your regular communications with the builder would then hold a good ground for swiftly driving the consumer case in your favor.

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