Consumer Helpline – Could be your first step to getting your due

If you are caught up with a bullying builder in no mood to accept your genuine demands, its time you prepare yourself mentally for a legal battle. The best and the most compensation oriented approach would be to go to the consumer court in such circumstances. You would however need patience to see your fight bearing fruit. As we have discussed previously, consumer court cases may take as long as 6 months to 2.5 years depending upon nature of the case.

As a prelude to the legal battle, ensure all your grievances, concerns are conveyed to builder in a presentable form (e.g. email, registered posts) if required in future. Secondly, as you look for the right lawyer for your case, one most follow this simple step to know the potential of his/her case:

For the purpose of guiding consumers to a solution, National consumer helpline (NCH) was formed by the central government.
Consumers can use its services for seeking advice and for registering complaints that can form the basis for your consumer court case.

NCH provides a National Toll Free No-1800-11-4000. SMS can also be sent to +918130009809 mentioning the name and city.

Consumers can also register at their site and register complaints at Complaints Register

National Consumer Helpline supports consumers by:
– Guiding consumers in finding solutions to problems related to Products &
– Providing information related to Companies and Regulatory Authorities.
– Facilitating consumers in filing complaints against defaulting Service Providers
– Empowering consumers to use available Consumer Grievances Redressal Mechanisms, Educating Consumers about their Rights and Responsibilities.

Since its inception, more than 3% of the total cases reported to NCH are from Real estate. The same translates to more than 2k cases so far. Most of these are reported from North India mainly Uttar Pradesh and Delhi while states from South India (except for Karnataka) seem insulated in comparison.
In few of these 2k cases, NCH has also helped assist consumers with steps to go through consumer court case on their own (without lawyer).

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