Comparison of Noida Realty hotspots

The three regions of proper Noida that caught attention of investors/buyers alike have been the Expressway, sectors 7x and sectors 11x/12x.
While Expressway has been on top of investors list, stacks are evenly placed when it comes to end users.

We compare these regions on the basis of multiple parameters accounting for a sale realization (1-Best, 3-Worst):

Noida Expressway Sector 7x Sector 11x/12x
Investment-Short term 1 2 3
Investment-Long term 1 2 3
End use-Short term 3 1 2
End use-Short term 2 1 3
Conveyance 3 1 2
Less Polluted 1 3 2
Security 2 1 3
Daily needs (Bank, Shops etc) 3 1 2
Entertainment Avenues 2 1 3

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2 thoughts on “Comparison of Noida Realty hotspots

  • April 5, 2015 at 9:30 am

    How is 7x rated worst in less polluted parameter? Which all projects are more polluted than others in 7x?
    Thanks – MD

    • April 5, 2015 at 2:34 pm

      The air pollution is maximum in central Noida due to never ending construction activities and vehicular pollution. Distances of projects from DSC intersection road are also nominal thereby leaving no scope for environ-friendly set up. Projects just next to DSC intersection road would be most affected.

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