Population analysis for Noida and Greater Noida

NCR Region has seen a regular influx to Urban areas since last 2 decades.
The population census of 2011 goes on to suggest the same.
While ratio of Male to Female has sustained itself at 54:46, the influx to Urban areas has further peaked by 5% over the last decade.
In Gautam Budh Nagar district for instance, the Urban to Rural population is now 70:30 which was previously 75:25 during the last decade.
The population of Noida city meanwhile increased by a whooping 50% over the last quarter. While it was around 3.1 lakhs in 2001, it inflated to 6.4 lakhs in 2011.
The population of Greater Noida city was recorded at 1.1 lakhs.
The consolidated figures for Gautam Budh Nagar district per 2011 census are as below:

Urban/RuralMale+Female PopulationMale populationFemale Population

Gautam Budh Nagar district includes Noida city, Greater Noida city, Jewar and other parts of Dadri.
Urban Population of another 2 lakhs (mostly group housing societies at Noida Expressway, 7x and Noida Extension) is expected to move in to Noida and Greater Noida city each by end of this decade.

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