Supertech’s 1 pe 2 offer

2 Weeks back Supertech launched ‘1 pe 2’ offer implying ‘buy 1 get 2’ offer, a one of its kind in the industry and has taken the experts by surprise. The industry is no doubt growing at a sluggish pace but this offer has given a definite indication of the worst of the times the builders are growing through.

For knowing further about the genuineness of the offer, we went to the marketing office of cape town and talked to a couple of channel partners. Supertech is selling the non-preferential units like the 13th floor and top floor under this scheme.  Two 3bhks under this scheme are available at around 80 lacs BSP + extra charges that apply to both flats.

One contention is that the builder is trying to cover the lost ground post the landmark judgment (related to Supertech emerald) against the builder. Whatever the case be, the scheme has definitely hurt the sentiments of prospective investors and it only goes to indicate that while its a good time for end users to buy, it may not be getting rosier for short term investors.

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One thought on “Supertech’s 1 pe 2 offer

  • January 8, 2015 at 10:57 am

    No one willing to buy the flat with supertech… So they want give it offer like that. All projects from SuperTech got flop due to construction quality, their attitude, delay in possession and unnecessary extra charges at time of possession.

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