Distinctive VEDAS TO METAVERSE concept for DWPS Annual day Celebrations

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Delhi World Public School, Noida Extension is all set to host their Annual Day Celebration –
‘VEDAS TO METAVERSE’ at the prestigious Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi in the
evening of 10th December ’23. The school maintains that the celebrations are in pursuit of its vision where it  invariably advocates holistic and
experiential learning, leading to skill enhancement and confidence building among

This year’s celebration is anticipated to be an incredible event filled with inspiring
performances and presentations. The theme of the theatrical presentation is the depiction
of the glorious past and the rich traditions of the country, commencing from the ancient
Vedas to the present age, symbolizing innovation, creativity, and joyful learning with an
emphasis on latest technologies of augmented and virtual reality of the 21st century.

The historical odyssey, ‘VEDAS TO METAVERSE’ aims to project digital innovation,
promising an immersive digital reality where individuals can interact, socialize, and
explore beyond the confines of the physical world. The presentation will take the audience
through a journey to the metaverse uncovering its roots in the sacred Vedas and ancient
scriptures- converging ancient wisdom and modern innovation.

The theatrical presentation is interspersed with dances to enthrall the audience with
exuberance and spellbinding aura. A youngster, Arjun, who doesn’t believe in the
existence of the Vedas and religion is convinced by Professor Madhav with proofs and
relevance of the significance of Vedas in human evolution.

The selection of the theme has been done with a perspective to fortify the budding
DWIPSITES develop the competencies of a true learner and imbibe the fast-eroding values.
It is quite an acceptable fact that the learners need special skills which must be taught and
nurtured from an early age. The traditional way of education could equip kids to survive in
the world but the 21st century demands special skills which will equip them to master every
aspect of life – from learning skills to Literacy skills, from Life skills to digital skills,
towards the challenges of uncertain probabilities the future holds.

The mammoth and majestic in – house production is sure to touch the lives of the
participants in myriad ways which will surely fill their parents and mentors with pride and

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  • December 9, 2023 at 3:20 am

    The school always comes up with something brilliant.

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