Are costlier schools really better?

Are costlier schools really better? This is a very common point of contention among parents whether costlier schools are really better. Some feel that all schools are more or less same independent of fees while others feel that fees is in proportion of facilities on offer at the school, which is indicated by its fees.

In cities like Gurgaon, fees in public and modern schools range from 9k to 50k per month. In places like Noida, it is from 8k to 40k. In Noida extension, it is from 5k to 12k. Most of the schools with highest fees in respective regions have IB as the board, which is clearly aimed at parents who want to send their child to an international destination after school. They focus on parents who have the capacity to pay decent amount as fees. The schools with lower fees are generally public schools like Bal bharti and the likes. Some  public schools like DPS main branch in these cities may have an average fees in the region.

While looking for admissions for their ward, parents often wonder if costlier schools are really better? Are they all about better infrastructure or is there something more involved too. We list down the main reasons why a school could be costlier. We are sure this would help parents filter those schools who charge higher fees with little value in return:

School has Excellent Infrastructure

If a school claims that it has a great infrastructure, just don’t go by AC inside classes, buses, smart boards etc. We have seen many schools that have a smart board infra but haven’t spent well on letting their teachers know how to utilize it in the best manner. What is important for parents is to check if the infrastructure provides 1) more extra and co-curricular opportunities like a bigger hall, activity rooms etc.  2) more open space and more sports opportunities to the kid  3) safe infrastructure. If it does and if growth in sports/arts/co-curricular space is what you expect from a school, then you could consider the school. This way, you are also less likely to spend money on additional coaching for the kid outside school hours.

School has better faculty and support staff

Really good schools from a reputed group like Shriram spend a lot of money on teachers. Teachers are well paid, well trained and hence they stick to the school. Since more experienced teachers are there, the students also get the best of faculty.  Parents can get an idea about this by looking at the previous experience of principal/vice principal/academic coordinator. If parents are convinced about better faculty at the school, this is a good reason to go with a costlier school. This also saves a parent’s money which would otherwise be spent on tuition in evening hours outside school.

School has better associations

Many schools spend a lot on various associations in the filed of co-curricular and extra curricular activities. It could be for a competitive exam, sport, drama or such. If you see a potential with these associations for your kid, you could consider. But this should not be the only consideration. The above two are important depending upon interest of the kid.





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2 thoughts on “Are costlier schools really better?

  • April 9, 2023 at 1:28 pm

    I agree that some schools are actually worth the money since they have really good teachers. But others charge just based on infra and with very ordinary academic staff

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