Common entrance test for central universities, to override board exam results

Government has come up with a plan to conduct Common entrance test for central universities. The test will be called Central University Entrance Test (CUET), which will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The test will be held in July every year and process for application to the test will start in April. The test will be the basis of admissions to all the central universities. Hence, class 12 board results would no longer be the basis for admissions. However, there is a catch, which we discuss later in the article.

Some important universities covered under central universities list are Delhi University, JNU Delhi, BHU, AMU and Jamia. The basis for the test would be NCERT books.

Some of the important takeaways:

  • CUET score to be the basis of admissions to Central universities.
  • Universities are still allowed to keep a minimum score in board exams class XII for admissions. So, while basis would be CUET score, a university can set minimum criteria of say 80% in class XII board exams.
  • CUET to consist of two exams. First exam to be based on language, two domain subjects and general test. Second exam to be based on other four domain subjects and second language, if applicable.
  • CUET to be based on NCERT books.
  • Exam will be a computer based test which will mainly consist of multiple choice questions.
  • Exam to be held in July and applications to be invited in April.
  • International students are exempted from the test.


Some associations like AISA are opposing the introduction of CUET as they feel that the better approach would have been to introduce uniformity in marking in board exams. What do you feel about the new announcement about Common entrance test for central universities? Do write to us and share your views/feedback.

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