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As per section 13(1) of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, schools can conduct interactions with the child if the child is 6 years or above. For child below 6, while schools can have interactions, schools cant use interaction as a criteria for admitting/rejecting a child. For child above 5, questions may be asked to both parents and the child. We focus here on interview questions in Gurgaon schools pertaining to the child. Most of the questions given here are submitted by parents from our private parents group that participated in our school survey last year.

While we will list the questions asked to the parents later, below are the Gurgaon schools and interview/assessment questions asked to child in those schools, along with the name of the school:



Class Nursery/KG (general interaction)

Whats your name?
Whats your age?
Which is your favorite color?
Which color do you see in the room? – Reported for Gems Academy
Which is this color?
Can you speak out numbers 1 to 10?
Do you know alphabets ABC?
How many pens are these(on the table)? – Reported for MRIS
What’s this shape?



Class 1st (interaction/assessment)


What’s your age? How old are you? – Asked at All schools
Spelling of numbers 1 to 10
When is your birthday? How old are you?
Which color is this?
What colors have you seen in a rainbow? –  Shriram Aravali, TSMS, Shiv nadar
Can you speak alphabets A to Z and words starting with a particular alphabet
What is this (referring to an object like pen stand)? – LVIS, TSMS, Heritage
Can you count numbers? Till what number?
3+7=? – Shriram Global
Name of months
Days of week
What comes after 21 and before 23
What comes after Monday – DPS, LVIS
What is opposite of tough? – HDFC, Suncity
Rewrite the sentence using capital letters and full stop – “i play cricket everyday”
Table of 9
Write in words 45
7 tens 3 ones =?
Is there another fruit in word ‘pineapple’? – TSMS
Hindi mei likhiye – main school jana chahti hun – TSMS
Speak in English – main yahan 4 saal se reh raha hun – St Xaviers



Class 2nd-3rd (interaction/assessment)


What’s your age? How old are you?
Counting till 100
Sum of two digits
Subtraction of two digits
Table of 11 to 20 (one of these numbers)
Write in words 891
2 hundreds 3 ones =?
Match the following with numerical numbers on one side and their value in words – DPS, LVIS
How much is 30 more than 12(Similar question)
How many gram = 15kg
Form a sentence from jumbled form – “I everyday play cricket.”
Rearrange in alphabetical order – Crow, Peacock, Parrot – Heritage
Underline proper noun – My aunty works at her home
What is the plural for child, mouse, woman
Fill with is/are/am – Geeta and Babita ____ kabaddi players. – GD Goenka
Plural of foot – Shiv nadar
Here is a diagram (figure of space). Describe it in words – DPS, Shriram (Similar question)
Fill in the blanks – Sky is ____ our heads- DPS
Underline the adjective or describing word(s) – India is a large country (Similar question)
Draw and label different parts of plant – TSMS, Shriram, Shiv nadar
Lion and bear live in __________
What is the time in the watch? – Suncity, Shriram, Shikshantar
1 rupee = ___ paise
January has how many days?
What comes before Friday? – Shikshantar,
There are 45 apples and 567 oranges. How may fruits are there in total?
There are 734 books with Riya. She gave 45 of those books to her friend. How many books are left with Riya? (Similar question)
Pattern questions – which pattern will come next? (Similar question)
324*3 =? (Similar question)
Write 567 in expanded form (Similar question)
What is largest 2 digit numbery (Similar question)
Hindi – vilom shabd, ling badaliye, paryayvachi, drawing ka vivran kijiye



Class 4th-5th (interaction/assessment)


What’s your age? How old are you?
Whom do you like more? Father or mother? – Shriram global
What do you enjoy in your current school and what you don’t ? – Shriram Aravali, TSMS
Remainder or quotient of a division sample 21/4
Table of 16 to 25 (one of these numbers)
Name prime numbers till 100
Do you know what are vowels?
What is opposite of nice? – Kunskapsskolan
Name a rhyming word with sit – Scottish high, shikshantar
What comes before 1001? – Amity, DAV
Here is a figure (children playing in mud). Describe it in words. – Shriram aravali
February has how many days? – Scottish high, Shriram
Pattern questions – which pattern will come next?
How many days are there in a year? – LVIS
Write the correct fraction (pizza with 6 pieces and 1 of which is eaten) (Similar question)
Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her to your house – DPS, Amity
Read the passage and answer few questions – DPS, Shriram, Suncity
Underline noun, adjectives and verbs – ‘Raj went to play with a smart boy names Rakesh’ (Similar question)
Example of carnivorous animals – LVIS
Where do plants get their food from? – TSMS, Scottish high
Which type of food protects us from diseases? – DPS, hdfc
Difference between herbivores and carnivores – TSMS
Complete numerical pattern 1 4 7 10 ___  ___  (Similar question)
Add 3000, 678 and 9870
If 8*12=96, then 96/8= – TSMS, Suncity
Unit of capacity?
How many days are there in 3 weeks?  (Similar question)
How many meters in 1 km? (Similar question)
A man has 64 pencils. He has to give equal number of pencils to 8 people. How many pencils he needs to give to each?(Similar question)
Write 3274 in expanded form (Similar question)
Write successor of largest 3 digit number  (Similar question)
Write a paragraph on your favorite book – Scottish high, Shiv nadar
Fill in the blanks with a, an, the – This is ___ umbrella (Similar question)
Plural of foot  (Similar question)
Write the synonym of quick, choose – Amity (Similar question)
Fill in the blanks with present continuous tense – Uday ___ in the class (dance) Similar question)
Hindi – vilom shabd, ling badaliye, paryayvachi, vakye mein sanghya bataiye, drawing ka vivran kijiye  (Similar question)
shabdon ka varna viche d kijiye  (Similar question)
Find LCM of 12 and 18  (Similar question)
Find HCF of 12 and 18  (Similar question)
Quotient of 9786/100  (Similar question)
Tina bought toys at cost of 99,000. She had 21,900 in pocket. How much more money she needs.
Find perimeter of square of one side 12 meter (Similar question)
Area of rectangle with one side of 10 meter(Similar question)
Write in words – 9,00,897 – DPS
Find the product of greatest 3 digit number and lowest 2 digit number – Suncity (Similar question)
How do hibernating animals get food in winters? – TSMS, Kunskapsskolan
Give examples of Amphibians, Carbohydrates – Kunskapsskolan


We will come up with Assessment / Interview questions in Gurgaon Schools for class 6th to 11th also soon. Also, parents can go through the link given below for parent Interview questions in Gurgaon Schools.


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