How schools can overcome the pandemic crisis

The pandemic crisis has impacted the schools quite badly. There are lesser parents taking admissions for their wards and many existing ones are not paying their fees as well. In such a case, schools are bound to be under pressure. The situation requires that schools deviate from the normal methodology and adopts new ways to attract parents. We discuss how schools can overcome the pandemic crisis and stay afloat.


Be transparent – Tell parents how much you are spending and how much you are getting as fees. There is a general perception is that schools are saving. While this may be true for schools that are completely full, this may not hold true for schools that are still upcoming. They might already be running in losses even before the pandemic began.

Offer discounts and make it public – Supreme court has also agreed that schools do save a percentage of amount they spend on development and annual charges which are now part of composite charges in states like Uttar Pradesh (both parents and school needs to understand that this can only be a reasonable discount of 10%-15% only over certain fee components). It should be amply clear that this is just a one time discount wit no bearing on next year’s fees. Again, this may not be always possible for upcoming schools.

Offer waivers to parents whose earnings have been hit – Seek bank statements and other proofs like termination letters to support such parents for this financial year. The good done this year would go a long way.

Offer extra classes to cover up the communication gap due to online vis-a-vis classroom based schooling – Since parents feel that the tuition (classes) are also impacted, its a good idea to offer extra classes to cover up.

Once lockdown is relaxed, offer sports coaching in evening if allowed – This may help calm nerves of parents who feel the child is loosing out on other developmental opportunities.


Finally, be considerate. Everyone is facing a tough time. Many families have lost their loved ones. And its not the parents alone who are impacted. Even school teachers and their families are. So, don’t take each other for granted. Schools shall offer consideration where possible and parents should pay fees on time. This is the only way how schools can overcome the pandemic crisis and so also the parents for their ward’s education.




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