Best upcoming Noida extension schools 2020

Go4Reviews conducted a desk and online survey of schools this year. Based on feedback received from schools, parents and teachers, we worked on the list of best schools in the region. The list of best established schools in the region will be shared soon in a separate article. For now, here is the list of best upcoming Noida extension schools 2020 (schools less than 2 years old).

The basis for arriving at overall ratings for the school is as follows: We have taken 20% of Academics, 20% of Safety/Security and 20% of Individual attention to child as key parameters for overall ratings. These parameters are given highest weightage based on an online Survey we had run 3 months back. Other than these parameters, 15% of Co-curricular, 10% of Extra-curricular and 5% each of ‘Parents-Teacher Interaction’, ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Teacher Welfare’ have been considered. More details of each parameter will follow after the list of best upcoming Noida extension schools 2020 which is given below:

RankSchool NameAcademicsSafety/SecurityIndividual attentionCo-curricularExtra co-curricularParents InteractionInfrastructureTeacher WelfareOnline schoolingTotal
2Aster KPV85808580808585857082.75
3DPS KPV85807580808080906580.5
4St Francis75807585808580856579.25
5St Xaviers75807585808580857079.25

The Survey for Best upcoming Noida extension schools 2020 took the following into consideration:

  • Ratings/Reviews for schools given at individual school links given at
  • Survey form submitted by schools (8 of 24 schools considered didn’t respond to requests and for such cases, the weight-age of consideration # 3 was extended)
  • Parents Feedback and Desk Survey
  • SchoolBrainer’s Social Sentiment Analytics
  • ‘Survey Form’ and ‘Parents Feedback and Desk Survey’ constituted 30% each while ‘Online Survey’ and ‘Social Analytics’ constituted 20% each.

The schools were surveyed on following parameters:

Academics – Defined by principal/headmistress/academic coordinator lineage, average experience level of teachers, criteria for employment.
Individual attention to child – Defined by Student Teacher Ratio, Parents Feedback.
Safety/Security – Defined by Safety measures at Gates, CCTVs, Number of Floors, flooring/pool/play area safety, Bus safety standards, Parents Feedback.
Infrastructure – Defined by facilities/amenities and quality of infra.
Parents involvement – Defined by PTMs, Number of Events where parents are invited, Parents Feedback.
Co-curricular -Defined by Intra and Inter school Events conducted, Parents Feedback.
Extra curricular -Defined by Intra and Inter school Events conducted, Association with Play academies, Play area infra, Parents Feedback.
Teacher Welfare -Number of holidays for teachers, average working hours, Teacher Welfare Survey feedback.
Note: The collective points were rounded off to nearest multiple of 5. Where the Total points for two or more schools were same, Schools that rank high on Academics was ranked higher overall.


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