Shail Global school Faridabad

What school says:

Shail Global school Faridabad vow to provide every child with individual attention and exposure to the best global practices of mentoring and care, and thereby build strong foundations for ongoing success. Our rigorous academic programme along with assimilation of knowledge will lead to the development of genuine scientists, engineers, mathematicians from an early age.

Our mission is to nurture young minds through a sound educational programme, which is sensitive to the multicultural ethos; so as to create caring and socially responsible individuals. The school promotes and ensures that each student has ample opportunity to be an impressive communicator, a keen inquirer, and one who enhances his/her academics, social and sporting skills, thereby, developing into a well-balanced personality.

Go4Reviews take:

Shail Global school Faridabad consists of some eminent board members. As of year 2018, the infrastructure of the school is limited. The parents have been happy with individual attention part. Due to limited infrastructure though, currently sports activities are only few. The school is however engaging in co-curricular activities.

Location: Shail Global School , Sector – 81, Greater Faridabad (Neharpar), Haryana

Classes: Till V

Board: CBSE

Average class size: 15 to 25


Admission Fees: 20k, Tuition Fees: 30k quarterly

Our Survey review (score out of 100):

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