Indian schools should learn these unbelievably cool practices from Finland education system

A section of Indian schools have been claiming to have modernized themselves through last decade or so. The so called International, World or Global schools may however be still far from realization of achieving modern schooling principles. For one, they need to take a cue from Finland Education system which has undergone some very inspiring growth.

Finland Education system ranks among the top of countries with high Education Index (published by UN’s Human Development). The people of Finland are considered to be a better humane and more skilled at their field of interest in comparison to most of other competing nations. Finland schooling has adopted some exceptional measures (and some of them might appear unbelievable) to see this splendid turnaround. Lets have a look at few of them:

  1. There is no formal schooling before first standard.
  2. Comprehensive school generally starts at age of 7 from 1st to 9th grade.
  3. Finnish schooling believes in providing students a comfortable, home like environment to nurture them. Finnish students don’t wear uniforms and wearing shoes is also optional. One interesting reason for this is that Finns remain barefoot while in their homes.
  4. Taking music in school is a mandatory requirement.
  5. Class sizes are small, mostly below 20 students.
  6. Finns are generally not a great supporter of Standardized Evaluations. Not more than 2 tests are conducted in a year.
  7. Minimum homework (generally one that requires less than half an hour) is given so that the child spends time outside home in outdoor activities.
  8. Schools stress on outdoor activities even in the coldest weather to make them stronger.
  9. Teachers are well paid. After all, they are the building blocks of the nation.
  10. Instruction hours in school are kept to the minimum so that teachers get more time to plan
  11. Schools focus on less courses so that more in-depth  focus is given to those limited courses.

Aren’t some of the measures cool? Well, while some of these are being applied in new age schools, our schools have a long way to go still.






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