DPS World school asked to rename itself by High court

Things do not seem to be settling down for DPS World School foundation. The foundation is said to be formed by alumni from various DPS Schools and the name shares a sharp resemblance to DPS group of Schools. The foundation has received a jolt from Delhi High court which has asked the foundation to rename its schools.

In April 2016, Delhi High court had ruled that DPS World school foundation can not use the word ‘DPS’ since its a registered trademark of existing DPS School foundation. DPS World foundation had objected to this ruling and after a year old deliberation, Delhi High court on 10th April directed the foundation to rename itself as the use of word DPS is not permitted. It however allowed the foundation to use words ‘Delhi’, ‘Public’, ‘School’ as the same is not covered by trademark.

The exact judgment reads: “It is open to the defendant No.1 to adopt the trade name/mark including the words ‘Delhi’ ‘Public’ ‘School’, however, the FAO(OS)(COMM) No.21/2016 Page 22 of 22 registered trade mark/name ‘DPS’ of the plaintiff cannot be used in any manner whatsoever.”

The DPS World foundation currently runs schools in Delhi NCR in Pilkhuwa, Noida Extension and Greater Noida central region. We might well see the school being renamed to ‘Delhi Public World School’ in that case?

The entire judgment from the Delhi high court is available here.



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