CBSE directs schools to stop commercial activities

Central board of Secondary Education has taken cognizance of one of the major concern of parents associations and has yesterday sent circulars to all affiliated schools to immediately stop commercial activities from their institution. This includes forbidding sale of books other than NCERT/CBSE books. The schools wont be allowed to sell uniforms, shoes, school bags and stationary from within their premises or some specific vendor only.

Parent associations through out the country have been agitating against the dominance of schools and their indulgence in commercial activities including hiking of fees without considering parent’s views. City magistrates of some districts have already constituted inquiry into the matter. The circular reminds schools of the CBSE Affiliation bye laws that state that schools shall run as a community service and any commercial activities within the premises is strictly not permissible. The circular serves a perfect and timely reminder and makes it strictly binding for the schools to follow the directions.

CBSE order sums up the circular with the statement that “The schools are directed to desist from the unhealthy practice of coercing parents to buy text books, note books, stationary, uniforms, shoes, school bags etc from within the premise or from selected vendors only.”

Entire circular is given below (reference

Reference CBSE.NIC.IN CBSE directs schools to stop commercial activities



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