Schools focus on social media promotion with basics forgotten

With more and more schools coming up, schools today are busy competing with each other. Schools are aware of the conspicuous role social media could play in meeting their goals of out-competing the others. Hence, they are investing heavily in social media promotions. They have Social media managers operating for them through the week ensuring any events/news showcasing the schools are covered and made known to the social frenzy crowd even before the events wind up. While it gives the schools the visibility they would love, it does divert the school from basics.

Schools have employed specialized Social media managers that are expert in rolling out events/happenings and news in and about school to parents and prospective parents alike. They specialize in presenting them in a way that creates a positive impression to others via Facebook, Twitter and other mediums. In most schools however, they overdo and this involves and takes a significant effort from teachers and other supporting staff too ranging from administrators, principals,subject teachers to computer staff. They get involved in organizing events just for sake of advertising or they get involved in sleuth of event captures. In such scenarios, the distractions are obvious. These distractions could lead to defeating the very purpose of schooling. School staff gets less time to focus on academics and at the same time, complacency and negligence with respect to student safety sets in.

While in today’s world, social media is a good way to communicate what you are doing, there has to be a well defined limit to it. The roles have to be clearly defined and like CBSE too has directed, teachers shall only be involved in academic activities as much as possible. A look at the Facebook pages of schools can give you a good indication of the extent to which they are focused on social media promotions.

Need of the hour is for schools to get back to their basics. Focus on students and focus on Academics and discipline. Social media promotion related tasks shall be assigned to specific staff and that in no way shall have an impact on daily state of affairs for staff assigned for student care.

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