Noida Extension schools – Deriving expectations from founder’s past

Schools in Noida Extension (Greater Noida West) have one thing in common. Except for Gaur International and Wisdom tree, promoters of the these schools have been part of at least one school in past. While lineage/heritage of these promoters may not necessarily translate to results, its seen in most of the cases that it is a significant way of gauging success. Given the fact that all these schools are still in infancy, the past performance of promoter schools holds even more importance.

We look at the heritage of these schools (and in some cases their head staff) to understand how they could perform in times to come:

S.No.School NameAbout the group's past/Lineage
1Ryan InternationalRyan is a well known group of institutions that has shown decent results in Delhi NCR. The various Ryan schools combined in Delhi NCR had an average percentage score of 77%. Infra wise, it has a disadvantage. Is relatively dormant on conducting programs.
2Delhi Public World school (Formerly DPS World)Formed by DPS alumni (not DPS group of institutions) and promoter of Mayoor group, with VP from Amity International roped in as principal, this looks promising on Academics front. DPS world has other branches at Pilkhuwa and Greater Noida. Various educational programs conducted off late.
3Sarvottam InternationalFormed by a promoter of Mayoor group, shares boundary with Sarvottam college next to it. Huge infra and decent academics, this along with Ryan and DPS World are most sought after currently.
4Gagan Public schoolHas couple of branches at Aligarh already. More traditional in nature. Considered a decent school there, likely to face stiff competition here.
5AsterAster has shown average results in academics (for greater noida branch). However, its very active on extra curricular activities. Here too, its likely to focus on infra and sport facilities.
6Bloom InternationalBloom group has a branch in Pratap Vihar ghaziabad that has given an average academic result. Infra under development.
7SKS WorldOne of the promoter is from Durgapur public school and they are now expanding in Delhi NCR in Greater Noida, Noida and Ghaziabad. Has a good infra only next to Sarvottam.
8Gaur InternationalGaur group's first foray into education, this has a good infra as well. Most of the parents are from Gaur city society.
9The Wisdom TreeA new school next to SKS, the principal has been a headmistress at Amity Global and a faculty at DPS, R K Puram. Could be a dark horse if full potential is utilized.
10St JohnsSt Johns group has another school at Mayur Vihar already. The reviews on academics for Mayur Vihar branch is average. Teaching methodologies are more traditional and stress is laid on inculcating discipline.


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