Real estate consumer case prayers and their success rates

Go4Reviews did a research of NCDRC judgments relating to issues faced by consumers of residential projects since 2014 beginning till last month i.e. August, 2016. As part of the research, we looked at the type of prayers and outcome of the same. Judgments in favor of consumer whether in form of compensation or services were considered successful while arriving at the figures. The magnitude of judgment, for instance, amount of compensation, nature of compensation and the final outcome of judgment were not considered.

S.No.PrayerSuccess rate
2Deficiency of services91
3Carpet area reduction47
4Lack of amenities79
5Possession & Delay penalty65
6Against Booking cancellation81

Major causes of failures can be attributed to:

  1. Applicant not actually a consumer i.e. the property was not intended for end-use.
  2. Delayed application beyond 2 years from cause of action.
  3. Calling for revised petition in case of a group due to varied prayers within the group.



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