Class X CBSE results of Noida expressway schools

While there are around 12 schools with good credentials in Noida expressway region, only 6 of these 12 schools went to class X CBSE examination this year. These are Lotus Valley school, Mayoor school, JBM school, Genesis school and Step by Step school. All these 6 schools also went to class XII this year but we are concentrating on class X results as part of this post. This would hopefully help those looking at academically good options in the region.

We compare the schools on the basis of their Class X CBSE results this year.

School nameNo. of students getting CGPA 10Result analysis
Lotus Valley school47Almost 38% students got CGPA 10. One of the best results this year. However, the results fall back behind SBS when it comes to average CGPA which is lower than 9.
Step by step school28Around 27% students got CGPA 10 but there were many who got CGPA of 9. CGPA class average is above 9 which is very good.
JBM school923% students got CGPA 10. Mathematics and English results were below expectation.
Genesis school12Almost 30% students got CGPA 10. Mathematics result were below expectations. Average result was 70%.
Mayoor school32Thats some improvement over results from last year. Around 27% students got CGPA 10.
Jaypee Public school640% student got CGPA 10.


Next year, DPS expressway and possibly Somerville international will also make it to schools participating in class X examinations. So, we will have a better platform to compare all these schools from academic perspective.



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