Comparison of Delhi NCR Cities for end use and investment

Today we discuss as to which NCR city out of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida are the best places to live and buy your property in.

While Gurgaon, Faridabad fall under HUDA, Noida, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida fall under different authorities.
The tag of leasehold has clearly pegged back Noida and Greater Noida for long but this is also true that from livability perspective, the upcoming regions in the region are much better.

We compare the 5 cities on the basis of some significant parameters.

ParameterGurgaonNoidaFaridabadGhaziabadGreater Noida
Nature of landFreeholdLeaseholdFreeholdFreeholdLeasehold
ConnectivityAverage with exorbitant charges by autowalas. Lack of good intra city transfer options.Lack of good intra city transfer options. Especially poor on expressway side.With metro nearing operations, connectivity shall be good. Neharpar however is not reachable through public transport.Better than others.Very bad. Unsafe and costly public transport.
Road InfrastructurePoor road infra in far/developing locations lie Dwarka eway, Sohna extnExcellent Road InfraPoor road infra on Neharpar side but improving. Any damage takes time to repair.Better than Gurgaon and Faridabad but inferior to Noida, Greater NoidaGood road infra.
Electricity, Water situationElectricity situation has improved but water tables have drastically reduced creating an imminent and unavoidable risk.Electricity situation is better than others. Water is hard but Ganga water is approaching soon.Electricity cut is common in Neharpar. Water is hard and not sufficient.Good water supply and underground water table.Electricity situation is acceptable. Water is hard and not good.
PollutionHigh pollution levels due to traffic and construction.High pollution levels due to dust and construction.Under control except for industrial regions.High pollution due to industries and highway traffic.Less polluted. more green.
Traffic situationBad during office hours. Acceptable otherwise.It is within limits currently. But old areas need to have expanded road coverage.Except for half an hour of office time in the morning and evening, its acceptable.Traffic situation is poor especially on/near Mohan Nagar and NH24.Less population ensures less traffic.
Law and OrderGenerally acceptable but its better to avoid late night ventures alone.Generally acceptable but its better to avoid late night ventures alone.More peaceful than other ncr cities.Internal areas are peaceful. Indirapuram, Vasundra are however prone. Not acceptable. Considering the population, the number of incidences are much more.
Job opportunityVery good for software and aligned servicesGood for softwareGood for small/large industries.Good for small industries.Good for large industries.
Emerging placesDwarka e-way, Sohna road extn.Noida expressway, sector 7xNeharparNH24 (Lal kuan), Raj nagar extnNoida extension (greater noida west), Yamuna expressway (comes under different authority)

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