Traffic mess and the immediate need for revamp of arterial roads at upcoming regions of Noida/Greater Noida

Pictures of traffic mess at Gaur City Gol chakkar have gone viral since morning today.

The recent imagery from Google map show a massive jam of vehicles with vehicles pouring in from all 4 directions.
While there is a perception that the imagery could be of the same period when a portion of NH24 road caved in January this year, beyond a shadow of doubt, this highlights the need of a well connected artillery of roads for dealing with any unforeseen traffic situation.
During wee hours of the day, trucks play havoc on the road and commuters have been victim to colossal traffic jams.
All this implies that the need of an alternate for such crucial junction of NH24, Noida and Greater Noida (Noida Greater Noida link road) is felt much before a substantial population actually moves in to Noida extension. Currently, only 200 odd flats are occupied in the region while around 70% of a lakh flats are expected to be occupied by end of this decade.

This issue is in fact not limited to Noida extension as the tremors can be felt across all upcoming regions of Noida/Greater Noida where approved yet unorganized and unplanned construction is on a rampage.

Sector 7x is perceived to share a similar threat when bulk of its 50 thousand odd flats get occupied in next 4-5 years. Already, the region has been a witness to regular massive jams from sector 76/Meghdutam cut till the traffic signal to Noida Greater Noida link road during Friday evenings after 6 pm.
It is time buyers/owners keep authorities on toe through various RTIs, complaints, suggestions for alternate infrastructure development much before population pours-in to the region.

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