Supreme court scraps section 66A of IT Act, lends strength to real estate whistleblowers

A gentleman from a premium project in Noida was recently handed over with a defamation lawsuit that ran in crores for being forthcoming with the builder atrocities meted out to the entire buyer community as a whole.
Similarly, group of buyers of another Noida project were slashed with a defamation suit after they brought the builder quality and ground project issues to public notice over internet.

With Supreme court scrapping the specific section of IT Act (66A) that covered online content including but not limited to (mis-interpreted) defamation/hatred causing messages, this has indeed turned out to be a respite for many whistleblowers.
A renewed interest among buyers being more vocal over issues related to builder, project, maintenance is more evident since yesterday.

Freedom of online speech buyers/owners, spread the word.

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