Noida Projects impacted by NGT Ruling

We received few queries related to projects that are impacted due to NGT (National green tribunal) Ruling. Hope the below will help clear the air of its interpretation and assist you in identifying the impacted projects.


The NGT Ruling precisely states holding back all environmental and project completion approvals to projects that fall under 10 km aerial radius from Okhla Bird sanctuary. It is however stated that the projects which are half way through be permitted to continue the construction without prejudice and subject to final order to be passed by NGT (no completion certificate will be henceforth provided to such projects before final order).
It also restricts usage of ground water for all purposes (including drinking) for such projects.

Impacted Projects:

For the curious few, the Aerial distance from start point of Bird sanctuary can be seen using a tool:

Free Map Tool

The above withstanding, an affidavit submitted before the NGT by original applicant Mr. Amit Kumar however identifies the 55 group housing projects/builders that fall under the radius of 10 km from Okhla bird sanctuary.


Around 15 of these projects have already received completion certificate from Noida authority.

Current state:

Readers should note that the case is under revision and Government of Uttar Pradesh has sent a proposal of reducing eco sensitive zone to 100 meters radius. The environment ministry in response raised certain queries (almost a year back) to which UP Government is expected to respond back to by next month (if local newspapers are to be believed). The suggestion by UP Government would eventually be subjected to approval by Supreme court of India.

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