The curious case of coupon/deal websites for online shopping

We have previously discussed the growing significance of e-commerce business where customers are now finding it more convenient and time saving to buy products online vis-a-vis brick mortar showrooms.

When it comes to shopping online, who would not want to save money sitting from the comfort of couch? Everyone does. It is this urge of spending less and saving time searching through each website, that has driven online consumers to deals and coupon websites of late.
We quickly take you through the functioning of these websites and discuss how fruitful going through these websites is:

How do these sites work?
These sites accumulate deals from different shopping/affiliate partners through automated feeds and hence provide plethora of deals to the consumers on a single dashboard like platform.
In the backend, these deal/coupon websites require substantial infrastructure and manual efforts to bring the automated and non-integrable deals respectively to the consumers.

How does it help the different parties involved?
Its a win-win situation for all.
The consumer gets a single entry point to buying/booking products online. In essence, it helps consumer save time and money both.
For the deal website owner, it means an opportunity to earn commission. Though this commission amount is quite nominal per single consumer sale, for a good traffic of sales, this could be a substantial amount.
For the e-commerce store owner, this means promotion and helping drive their sales north.

Suggestions for a coupon/deal website
There are a number of coupon and deal websites that operate in India.
We are currently doing a research on coupon/deal websites on different criteria like range of cost effective products, ease of use, discount offerings and other essential parameters.
We are covering Couponzguru, Coupondunia, Cuponation and others en-route this research.
We would soon follow this up with the deal/coupon website that we perceive the best based on above study.

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