Looking for under construction flat in Noida? – Our unbiased suggestion

While buying a ready to move unit is always better, we understand financial constraints may not be all game for the same. This may drive you to look for an under construction unit. But, before you book one, we would like to offer our recommendations to you.

If your idea is end use, it’s essential that you buy property in a project whose builder holds a good feedback with respect to quality and maintenance.

When we talk of quality, ATS, Purvanchal, Stellar and Ashiana are the names that come instantly. Though they would generally be costlier than others, the reason obviously is the quality/maintenance standards analogous to the builders.


While ATS and Purvanchal are well known for complex maintenance, the same may not be of significance post 2 years of possession because as per UP Apt. act, maintenance has to be handed over to RWA within 2 years after possession.

Sunshine, 3C are relatively new builders but have given better than average quality products. The two may be considered however do bear in mind that there have been instances when both have broken buyer’s trust. Sunshine appeared extremely transparent in the beginning but eventually kept the buyers in dark as possession approached. 3C surprised the buyers by opening a public school inside the campus.

Do keep in mind that whatever is good for end use would always be good for investment.

In some situations however, an average project at great location could be a choice for investment. But due diligence needs to be done before investing in an average project. Some selective projects located along expressway could be good candidate for this. Paras in 137, Gulshan in sector 137 are few such options.

In either case, do visit a builder’s previous completed projects, talk to buyers of completed projects and then only arrive to a conclusion.

Disclaimer: Please note all attempts are made to keep reviews unbiased. There is no intent to malign image of any builder/project and reviews are based on a fair assessment of quality (that may be subjective in nature) and progress which is for everyone to see.


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