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    I am owner of 3c lotus boulevard first phase. quality is generally above average however we have issues with the electric switches and water connection at few places but buyers of other phases had major issues of super area increase and non payment of penalties.



    Very slow now. quality is above average



    Nearing possession towers in 3c panache



    Process as shared by Mr. Mohit Arora on 3C group for registration process for flat in Noida. All credit to Mr. Mohit for not taking help of any lawyer and not paying bribe to anyone. Regards.

    1. After collecting all the documents from 3C, signed by you, witnesses (if you have opted for both the witnesses from 3Cs side), Lesse (Mohit Rastogi of 3C), you have to head to Noida Authority Office in Sector 6. In the documents that you collected from 3C, there is an affidavit as well which is NOT notarized. So the first thing that you should do is get it Notarized either from the Advocates sitting near the Authority Office or in Sector 6, Noida.

    2. The process there is that you have to collect a Visitor’s token from the reception quoting the department you wish to visit and other personal details. The token distribution happens from 10:30 AM to 1 PM. For the Sub – Lease Deed work, you have to quote “Housing” department. This token is valid for one day, so you can make multiple entries/exits from the NA office.

    3. After getting the token, head to “Group Housing Dept”. Here you have to meet Mr. Anand first. He is a nice gentleman who will audit all your papers and ask his peon to prepare a file out of them.

    4. Mr. Anand will let you know if there is anything missing in your documents and ask you to pay the Processing Fee of Rs. 1000 in bank (Canara Bank or <another bank name of which I have forgotten> ). Further, you will be instructed to pay this Processing Fee on a “Pink Challan” form. Please DO NOT use any other colored form no matter what other customers in bank say. There is a Yellow Form which is meant for Flats/Apartments but you are required to fill only “Pink Form” since that is the one meant for “Sub Lease Deed”.

    5. Head back to the “Group Housing” dept to meet Mr. Anand again and provide him the receipt of Challan and anything else he may have asked after auditing your documents. Once done, he will pass on your file to Mr. S.C Gupta who will sign all the pages as Lessor.

    6. Mr. S.C. Gupta will keep one copy for NA records with him and pass on the rest to you. You will now have to meet Mr. Nagendra who will accompany you to the Registrar office in Sector 33 (which is approx 4 kms from NA office).

    This is a tricky part. Mr. Mohit Rastogi (Lessee from 3C), two witnesses, the applicant (and co-applicant if applicable) and Mr. Nagendra, all have to be present in the Registrar office at the same time. Mr. Nagendra might be ready to go there with you, but Mr. Mohit Rastogi doesn’t reach the Registrar office before 3:30 PM (along with witnesses). You will have to coordinate with him in advance on this.

    So, the recommended approach is this: i) Get all the documents audited and signed by S.C. Gupta. ii) Head to Registrar office on your own at about 3:30 PM (of course after coordinating with Mr. Mohit Rastogi) iii) Mr. Mohit Rastogi will be handling cases of other customers who have chosen to pay 25K to 3C and will reach with witnesses, all the applicants and Mr. Nagendra at about 3:30 PM to the Registrar office . So you might not have to worry about bringing Mr. Nagendra to Registry office on your own.

    7. Once in Registry office, just talk to Mr. Mohit Rastogi and follow the process of handing over the documents to concerned officer. Your documents will automatically get passed from one officer to other till you get your photograph clicked, thumb impression registered and get a reciept for your documents (after paying a fee of Rs 10,100).

    8. A peon sitting there will then assemble all your documents. After this, Mr. Nagendra has to sign at about 2-3 places.

    This is again a bit tricky. Mr. Nagendra will not allow the peon to forward the documents for signatures as, of course, he is expecting “something” for his precious signatures. Recommended approach is to either wait for other people (who have come through Mr. Mohit Rastogi) to get their signatures or just confront him to sign the papers. DONT TAKE NO OR COME AFTER TWO DAYS AS AN ANSWER. JUST GET THE PAPERS SIGNED.

    9. The peon will also guide you in taking a copy of the Sub-Lease Deed (which is to be Submitted in NA later on) by paying Rs 90 as a fee. Pay that, get the receipt and hand over to the peon.

    10. Take the 2 receipts back from Peon, ensure that the Registry papers are all signed (except the Registrar of course) and talk to the officer about when should you come back to collect the documents (Original Sub-Lease Deed and the copy for which you paid Rs 90), which is generally 1 or 2 days later. You may insist getting it same day but that is a little unlikely.

    11. The peon might expect something in return at this point but you can tell him that he will be paid once you collect the all the documents later.

    12. Go back to the Registrar office 1-2 days later as would have been suggested by the officer there and collect i) Original Sub-Lease Deed ii) Copy of Sub-Lease Deed. Now you may pay the peon for all his services ranging from Rs 100 – Rs 150 (I paid Rs 150).

    13. If you have a bank loan, you have to give the Original Sub-Lease Deed back to 3C. But make sure to keep a Copy of the same with you for your reference. If there is no bank loan, you need to give a copy to 3C and can keep the original with you.

    14. After getting the Sub-Lease deed document, 3C should be able to give you physical possession after 1-2 days depending on whether your flat is ready after de-snagging.

    3C provides you the option of using their witness or your own witness. I chose to have one witness from 3C’s side and my father as another witness. The witness is supposed to carry an Id proof, its copy and atleast 4 PP size photographs.


    Rs 60 – Fee for getting Affidavit Notorized
    Rs 1000 – Processing Fee paid at Canara Bank
    Rs 10,100 – Fee paid at Registrar Office
    Rs 90 – Obtain copy of Sub-Lease Deed
    Rs 150 – Services “kharcha-pani” to Peon

    TOTAL : Rs 11,400

    It took about 4 hours for the entire process starting from auditing to getting out of the Registrar office. Add to that : the time to visit Registrar office again to collect originals (15-20 mins), handing over the documents to 3C (5-10 mins) and handing a copy to NA (10-15 mins)



    This is excellent info. Thanks Mr. Mohit for being so considerate. This will help us with registry process as well.



    Dear Mohit, This is a nice compilation of the whole process of registration. I suggest this should be shared as a separate article for buyers of all other Projects in Noida. Thank you.



    Tower 1 to 7 in first pic, Tower 9 landscape in second and nice view of ashram in third.
    Source: FB group co-owner



    Heights of negligence by Maintenance. Live wires hanging at basement



    It rained and it rained cats and dogs. Terrible situation inside 3c Panache (outside gate and play zone).

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