Best schools in Vaishali Ghaziabad

Before you read the complete list of Best schools in Vaishali Ghaziabad, it is important that parents realize that there is no binary in school education system. A school can not be simply classified as good or bad just because a survey comes up with particular perception of the school. A lot depends upon the kid’s upbringing prior to schooling and a lot depends upon the kid himself/herself. At the same time, before searching for a school, clarity of thoughts is essential. Answers to these questions are a must have: Do you feel the child is smart and confident enough and only needs a right academic direction? Do you feel all that the child needs is to grow in confidence? Do you feel child needs to find a career in sports or other extra co-curricular opportunities? Do you feel you can put the extra hard work by taking your kid to coaching/training in sports/music etc. during non-school hours? or Do you feel the child needs to have a strong like minded company? If you have answers to all these questions, this Survey could help you since we divide a particular School’s rating based on individual parameters and then we come up with overall ratings based on a well researched weightage given to these parameters. Along with SchoolBrainer, we researched around 12 schools in Vaishali Ghaziabad. Ratings for few of these schools are primarily based on lineage, prospective parent’s feedback, planned/current infrastructure and submitted survey form, if applicable. This year, we have re-adjusted our calculation of overall ratings for the school. We have taken 20% of Academics, 20% of Safety/Security and 20% of Individual attention to child as key parameters for overall ratings. These parameters are given highest weightage based on an online Survey we had run 4 months back. Other than these parameters, 15% of Co-curricular, 10% of Extra-curricular and 5% each of ‘Parents-Teacher Interaction’, ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Teacher Welfare’ have been considered. More details of each parameter will follow after the list of Best schools in Vaishali Ghaziabad which is given below:
RankSchoolAcademicsIndividual attention to childSecurity/SafetyCo-curricularExtra-curricularInfrastructureParents InvolvementTeacher WelfareTotal
1KR Mangalam world school758080807575757577.75
2Modern school vaishali807080807075757576.25
3Sun valley international school757580757575757576
4Vanasthali Public School757580757070757575.25
The Survey for best schools in Vaishali Ghaziabad took the following into consideration:
  1. Survey forms submitted by 5 Parents and 5 non-Parents for each school/Desk Survey
  2. Survey form submitted by schools (2 of 6 schools didn’t respond to requests and for such cases, the weight-age of consideration # 3 was extended)
  3. Teacher Survey form submitted by teachers where received
  4. Ratings/Reviews for schools given at individual school links given at
  5. SchoolBrainer’s Social Sentiment Analytics
‘Survey Form’ and ‘Parents Feedback/Desk Survey’ constituted 30% each while ‘Online Survey/reviews’ and ‘Social Analytics’ constituted 20% each. The schools were surveyed on following parameters:
  1. Academics – Defined by board results (if applicable), principal/headmistress/academic coordinator lineage, average experience level of teachers, criteria for employment.
  2. Individual attention to child – Defined by Student Teacher Ratio, support staff, Parent’s Feedback.
  3. Safety/Security – Defined by Safety measures at Gates, CCTVs, Number of Floors, flooring/pool/play area safety, Bus safety standards, Parent’s Feedback.
  4. Infrastructure – Defined by indoor/outdoor facilities/amenities and quality of infra.
  5. Parents involvement – Defined by PTMs, Number of Events where parents are invited, Parent’s Feedback.
  6. Co-curricular -Defined by Intra and Inter school Events conducted, Parents Feedback.
  7. Extra curricular -Defined by Intra and Inter school Events conducted, Association with Play academies, Play area infra, Parents Feedback.
  8. Teacher Welfare -Number of holidays for teachers, average working hours, Teacher Welfare Survey feedback.
Note: The collective points were rounded off to nearest multiple of 5. Where the Total points for two or more schools were same, Schools that rank high on Academics was ranked higher overall. Write to us if you have questions about these schools or would like us to review any other school (we need around 2 weeks for completing reviews of a school). Related Read: Last updated: January 9, 2019 at 23:59 pm  

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Vibhanshi gupte
Vibhanshi gupte

Modern school and KR mangalam are definitely better options in Vaishali. However I suggest it’s better to try something in Indirapuram or Vasundhara as that area has some better schools.


My kid was studying in VPS last year but now I want to move him to a different school in Vaishali (class 5). Please suggest. I am looking for good academic school with some exposure in extra curricular.

Sameer tyagi
Sameer tyagi

How is modern school for overall development.


kr mangalam is good for all round development of child. studies are so so.

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