DPSi Edge School Gurgaon

What school says: 

Why DPS International? Because cutting-edge education is the need of the hour. A symbol of new generation schooling, DPS International is not just about imparting knowledge but also about training young minds to process this knowledge for the betterment of their own self, their environment and the community they are a part of. Why an international school? International schools come in different shapes and sizes! But what does ‘being international’ truly mean? Our belief is that an international school is the one which brings the world to the eager classrooms and also extends the classrooms to the world… a school that preserves the best in traditional education and culture while giving children a winning exposure that fires ambitions and abilities in a pluralistic world. At least this is the approach that we have in DPS International. Our community of educators and students from diverse cultures and nations reaffirm this very approach.

Go4Reviews take:

DPS International Edge has PYP, MYP and DP program for IB curriculum. Parents are happy with individual attention offered to the kid and exposure on co-curricular front. They feel there is scope for improvement wrt food and that the fees is high. Parents also believe that Academics is average especially during PYP.

Location: DPSi Edge School Gurgaon (DPS International Edge School Gurgaon), South City II, Gurugram

Classes: Till class XII

Board: IB

Average class size: 15-20

Fees: Admission Fees: 1Lac, Caution money: 1Lac, Tuition Fees: 63.5k quarterly

Our Survey review(perception based):


Refer http://go4reviews.in/2018/07/best-schools-gurgaon-2018/ for details.

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