Calculate Maximum School fee hike permissible as per UP School Ordinance

In April this year, UP Government had introduced a School fee hike regulation which was later converted to an Ordinance. The Ordinance was intended to keep a tab on fee hike in private schools. The Maximum School fee hike permissible however was defined by Consumer Price Index for the financial year (called CPI) + 5%. This logic was to be applied retrospectively (keeping session 2015-2016 tuition fees as the base) and any hike beyond the permissible limit, would have to be rolled back.

With the introduced Ordinance, parents were hopeful that private school fees would be brought under control. Until this year, the private schools in the state have been increasing the fees by as much as 10-12%. The schools maintained that since they increase an average of 8-10% salary for the teachers every year, it becomes imperative for them to compensate via fee hike.

However, once you bring the actual Consumer Price Index into consideration, the picture no longer remains merrier. The allowed fee hike per session turns out to be around 9-10% every year since 2015-2016, which is very close to what schools actually have been increasing. Below is the actual calculation of fee hike or increase that would help you to identify the fees that schools shall currently be charging. An essential input to this calculator is the fees that school was charging in a particular session.


Last updated: June 8, 2018 at 20:45 pm

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Tanisha Kapoor
Tanisha Kapoor

Thanks for letting us know!
My son is in Apeejay School Noida, and the school increased the fee by 27% this year. please tell me, what to do? where to complain?


[…] Latest available yearly percentage increase in consumer price index plus five percent. Calculation for this CPI + 5% logic was shared by us at this link. […]

Mukul dev
Mukul dev

Excellent info for parents.

Shreyas jain
Shreyas jain

Thanks for sharing this. My child studies in Noida and his school has increased fees by around 2k more than what this calculator is showing. Please advise what can I do?

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