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In these days of global economy, people are frequently moving between different countries. It is therefore essential that those with school studying kids opt for an International board like International Baccalaureate(IB) so that child could easily acclimatize between schools in different countries. Since almost all countries have schools with IB, the child gets option of moving to schools with similar curriculum. Hence, the child adapts much faster. We see below some of the best IB schools in Gurgaon for benefit of such parents.

The list of best IB schools in Gurgaon (Gurugram) is provided below in order of their rankings:

    1. Heritage Xperiential, CRPF Road, Near Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 62, is considered to have the best individual attention to child with student teacher ratio of 9:1. It offers a mix of different curriculum till 8th standard and thereafter has an option for pursuing IB program (for Diploma). It claims to have best IB result in the region this year  (2017-2018). Our rating: 9/10
    2. The Shri ram school Moulsari provides the IB option for class XI and XII (i.e. IB DP curriculum). Like Heritage Xperiential, students of this school have often excelled in IB’s DP program examinations. Our rating: 9/10
    3. Scottish High International School, Block- G, Sushant Lok II, Sector 57  provides PYP and DP program under IB. Middle year curriculum is based on ICSE. The result of the school have been impressive too. Our rating: 8.5/10
    4. Pathways School, Faridabad – Gurgaon Road, Baliawas is among one of the finest IB schools in Gurgaon that has shown very strong academic results in recent times. This school has the least number of students among the above four and hence relatively costlier. Our rating: 8.5/10
    5. GD Goenka World School, Gurgaon Road, Sohna. Like Scottish high, it also provides PYP and DP program and utilizes ICSE for middle year education. This school has also shown decent results in 2017. Our rating: 8/10
    6. Suncity school offers IB DP program for class XI and XII. Our rating: 8/10
    7. Lancers International School, DLF,Phase-V,Sector-53 provides PYP (primary year program), MYP (middle year program) and DYP(Diploma program) under IB. Our rating: 8/10
    8. Excelsior American school, Sector 43, Phase – 1, C-2 Block, Sushant Lok, is mainly utilizing Cambridge curriculum but offers IB program. Our rating: 8/10
    9. Amity Global school, Sector Main Rd 4, Sector 46, provides Diploma program (DP) for XI and XII and ICSE/Cambridge for lower classes. Our rating: 7.5/10
    10. DPS International, HS-01, Block W, South City II, DPSI offers PYP, MYP and DP program under IB Curriculum. Our rating: 7.5/10
    11. Ompee World School, Sector 1, IMT Manesar is currently offering IB PYP program. It is further working on accreditation to other senior IB programs. Our rating: 7/10

The above ratings are based on parameters like Academics, Safety/Security, Individual attention to child, Parents-Teacher Interaction, Co and Extra curricular activities, Infrastructure and Teacher welfare steps adopted.  To arrive to the ratings, we have taken 20% of Academics, 20% of Safety/Security and 20% of Individual attention to child as key parameters for overall ratings. These parameters are given highest weightage based on an online Survey we had run 3 months back. Other than these parameters, 15% of Co-curricular, 10% of Extra-curricular and 5% each of ‘Parents-Teacher Interaction’, ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Teacher Welfare’ have been considered. Details of parameter wise ratings will follow soon.

The Aster Public school


The schools were surveyed on following parameters:

  1. Academics – Defined by principal/headmistress/academic coordinator lineage, average experience level of teachers, criteria for employment.
  2. Individual attention to child – Defined by Student Teacher Ratio, Parents Feedback.
  3. Safety/Security – Defined by Safety measures at Gates, CCTVs, Number of Floors, flooring/pool/play area safety, Bus safety standards, Parents Feedback.
  4. Infrastructure – Defined by facilities/amenities and quality of infra.
  5. Parents involvement – Defined by PTMs, Number of Events where parents are invited, Parents Feedback.
  6. Co-curricular -Defined by Intra and Inter school Events conducted, Parents Feedback.
  7. Extra curricular -Defined by Intra and Inter school Events conducted, Association with Play academies, Play area infra, Parents Feedback.
  8. Teacher Welfare -Number of holidays for teachers, average working hours, Teacher Welfare Survey feedback.
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Garima yadav
Garima yadav

What about kansspaskolan?

Akshara jain
Akshara jain

It doesnt have IB board. It has CBSE mainly.


I am confused between GD Goenka and Scottish High. Scottish is good no doubt but fees is also more. Since results in Goenka are decent, i was thinking of giving it a try. suggestions please.

Mukul dev
Mukul dev

What are prospects of Ompee World school?


You have better options available, why look for Ompee?

Akash gupta
Akash gupta

Shriram Moulsari and Heritage are at same level. In many aspects, Shriram Moulsari is better. The best part of Heritage though is its low student teacher ratio.


Eagaerly waiting for parameter wise ratings.

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