Now Uttar Pradesh RERA office location a big worry for buyers

Uttar Pradesh had notified its RERA draft in month of October. While the act is stronger than few other state (like Haryana, Gujarat) adopted RERA, there is still a certain level of dilution of central RERA in U.P (refer here for details of dilution in Uttar Pradesh RERA). The newly elected government is under pressure to re-look at state adopted RERA to prevent dilution. However, now RERA office location is going to be an another thing to worry about for buyers. The Regulatory authority office is likely to be at state capital i.e. Lucknow.

The buyers will be able to raise complaints online via website. However, in case required, buyers and builders or one of the two may be called to Lucknow office which in itself would be a difficult proposition for many staying in Noida or Ghaziabad, that has bulk of builder flats. The regulatory authority to be constituted under state RERA is likely to consist of a chairperson and three other members to be appointed by the state government. The current government has already stated that it will start afresh the process of RERA constitution but hasn’t commented on the location of office that was originally planned for Lucknow.

Hindustan times had earlier quoted Mr. Verma, former adviser to Uttar Pradesh housing and urban planning department, stating “Any aggrieved buyer will be empowered to file a complaint online. Later, the authority will address the complaint within a given time frame. If required, the complainant and the developer will have to come to the Lucknow office to complete the process for disposing of a complaint,”.

What do you feel? Where should RERA office be located?

Last updated: May 2, 2017 at 18:11 pm

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