Best home collection Pathology services in Noida expressway

With the net of lifestyle diseases widening day by day, people are getting more and more aware of the significance of regular checkups. With people always running short of time, home collection is the preferred choice for many these days. Home collection gains more prominence in cases of a child or an elder where one wants to prevent contraction of diseases from fellow patients visiting the blood collection center. Keeping this in mind, we did a recce of patients who recently made use of home collection center. Based on the findings, we list down the blood and urine collection centers operating in the Noida expressway region along with their general feedback:

  1. Lal path labs: With one of the most dense network of pathology labs, it also has the most extensively knitted home collection services where the sample is tracked at each stage starting from collection to final pathological findings. The report is made available on almost real time basis and is easily accessible. The packages however are costly.
  2. SRL Diagnostics: Another well know name in diagnostic services, this too has a well laid procedure for home collection. The packages are reasonable in comparsion to Lal path labs but still on the higher side in comparison to others.
  3. Thyrocare/Niramaya/Felix: They are still building their infrastructure. While the collection is flawless, tracking has been found wanting as reported in some cases. Their customer care or end laboratories do not have direct access to collection tracking and hence a level of confusion may prevail.

Based on the survey, we can infer that Lal path labs and SRL continue to be the better options for home collection pathology services in Noida expressway. Not only their collection mechanism but the authenticity of reports is also found to be more satisfactory in comparison.

Readers are free to share their views and feedback to help others plan better.

Last updated: September 8, 2016 at 15:22 pm

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