You are losing something much more precious than just EMI and Rent on your property purchase gone wrong

We have been regularly bringing up the issues and their possible resolutions for a property purchase that might have gone horribly wrong.

A lot of advice revolve around going for consumer case, filing police complaint or FIR, protests and media highlighting. We however would like to bring about a completely ignored yet most vital part of you which is ‘Your health’ and ‘Social well being’.

You might be one of those who spend hours in front of builder office, hours of tactic building and hours of time on each weekend away from your priceless family members. I have been one of them too. You may or may not be entirely successful in your attempts to fight against the builder but if you believe in the study below, you definitely have lost a lot of precious time and days of your life.

People in NCR (especially Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon) are spending 5 hours on weekdays and 7 hours on weekends on an average (on travelling and assembling) for their property investment which is either delayed or providing poor quality. This survey was done on a sample of Unitech buyers in Gurgaon and Noida along with buyers of Supertech and Jaypee in Greater Noida and Noida respectively. Assuming an average delay of 3 years which is quite common in the region, a person tends to lose around 75 days of his life just to participate.

Moreover, the stress associated with the property investment leads to poor health outcomes and in some cases, can also cause chronic stress symptoms. Blood pressure, heart rate, memory and immune functioning get stimulated due to this associated stress. Health issues are clearly immense and medical bills could far exceed in long run.

This in turn also leads to an almost unnoticed diminshing workplace performance which could further burn a hole to your future expenses.

The constant grudge for the poor investment also has a devastating impact on the children. The focus shift from your near and dear ones could be detrimental to your relationship with them.

The best way perhaps to deal with this situation is to prevent it from happening to you. Invest in a ready to move property where you have the quality to see for yourselves. Save yourselves from slew of uncertain promises that are never fulfilled. Be cynic to the builder community and concentrate on the final product. You will not buy a smarter than smart TV expected to be launched after 6-7 years. Would you?

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Last updated: October 19, 2015 at 21:49 pm

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Neeraj Mishra
Neeraj Mishra

very true. either pay more and get into ready to move.
else wait indefinitely, relocate to a new place and forget about getting possession for a very long time.
Best to write your will bequeathing the property to your progeny, so that at least they will get it without any hassle.

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