Buying on lower floors in a high rise? Things to check before you board the bus

Do you prefer staying close to the ground? If you do, then these are a must check before you buy a flat on lower floors.

  1. Drainage system: Drainage overflow could be common in societies where drainage system is not well designed and/or executed. Ensure the drainage has minimum loops and joints and that a properly maintained drainage system is in place/planned.
  2. Pest treatment by builder: Some builders do pest/termite control before they start post structural work. This ensures less possibilities of frequent cases of pest manifestation.
  3. Security through balconies/windows: Lower floors don’t see thefts through main doors but thefts through balconies and windows could be common. Hence, ensure there is proper lighting plan around and that you have the windows grilled for securing your home.
  4. Unhindered views: Unhindered views are essential to give a feel of openness. A tower or club just next to you could be claustrophobic.

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Last updated: October 18, 2015 at 0:03 am

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