Suggested lawyers for consumer case against builder in Bangalore

As we promised, we are going to share the list of few successful lawyers for consumer case against builders in Bangalore.

Suggested lawyers consumer case Bangalore

Again, the basis for the list is national consumer court rulings. While we were coming up with the list, we realized that the success factor of consumer cases for projects in Bangalore is much higher than what is in Delhi NCR. From what we could see, the success rate is around 70% as against success rate of around 20% in Delhi NCR. This however correlates to the fact that number of real estate related consumer cases is also lesser in case of Bangalore.

Below are some of the suggested lawyers for consumer case against builder. Lawyers with at least one recent successful case (in last 3 years) in National consumer court have been listed. The builder name against which the case was won is also listed along side:

1) Ms. Kiran Suri and Ritika Gambhir has successfully fought case against M/s. Adarsh Developers &  M/s. Akarsh Infotech & Infrastructure and ensured the buyers get 12% p.a. interest on delay.

2) Mr. Kashi Vishweshwar and Mr.Abhishek Kumar fought against M/s Alsa  Constructions & Housing Limited and help the complainant get 3 lac compensation for harassment along with 10% per annum interest for delay caused.

3) Ms. Anita Abraham fought against
M/s. Prestige Estate Projects Pvt. Ltd. and ensured the complainant gets 7% p.a. of interest for delay amounting to loss for the buyers.

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There are few more advocates who have fought successfully in District and State consumer court against the builder.
We would try to bring that list as well to you in the future.

Hope it helps.

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One thought on “Suggested lawyers for consumer case against builder in Bangalore

  • April 28, 2017 at 4:45 pm

    Dear All,
    We are consumers lawyers as well and have won many cases against Patel Realty SMONDO 4 with 18% interest from the date of payment to date of realization with 50 k compensation and 5 k litigation costs.

    Do consider us before handing over your case to other lawyers.

    Team @ Prime Legal


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