What changes can an owner make to the flat after moving in?

This is a common question that owners of flat have in mind but remains unanswered.
We will try to touch upon this query today.

The external changes to a flat have a close correlation to the approved plan.
Any external changes may impact covered area calculations along with the structural and fire safety requirements.

The owners of a flat can cover their balconies with canopies that are supported by cantilever.
However, there are limits to the dimensions of this canopy.
In Noida for instance, canopy can not be more than 4.5 * 2.4 meter in dimensions.
The covering by canopy under these dimensions does not add to covered area for you and the builder.

The owners can also cover the balcony by grills provided it can be opened (or lockable) from one side (for fire exit if required).
However, the same needs to be vetted by the builder.
Many builders tend not to allow this to preserve their external look.
The same is however done more often when a RWA takes over maintenance.

No permanent structure of any nature other than the above can be constructed over projections (chajja) or balcony.

Any other external extensions have to be vetted by the authority from safety perspective of NBC and are chargeable as per the increment in covered area.

Coming to the inside of the flat, any modification unless disturbing the load bearing walls is permissible.
However, it is important that owner puts across the changes with the builder otherwise builder tends to relenquish upon the 2 years warranty of construction and structural defects on pretext of the changes.
Changes inside the flat related to plumbing, drainage and electricity should be taken up with caution and vetted by the builder.
The owner would be held responsible for any damage caused to neighboring flats or flats beneath due to those changes.

Comments/Feedback invited.

Last updated: May 26, 2015 at 11:21 am

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I have purchased a new flat having 3 Balconies
I want to cover Utility balcony with Aluminium covering and Windows lockable from inside, and remove the wall in between hall and mentioned balcony, so balcony will become a part of hall.

I want to do this change as it also enhance the kitchen entry which look wider after removal of the wall.

Is it allowable… Can somebody please suggest.

(The wall in between is definitely a no beam structure)


Taking this a step further, canopy on balcony is a construction on balcony touching the outside of the flat boundary. However in my case this is a construction from bedroom to the balcony


A very informative article. I have one question and would appreciate if you could help me out on this.

I plan to break one wall of my bedroom to put in one wooden almirah. This wall opens into my balcony. The external of this almirah ( i.e. the part which will be exposed in balcony) will be painted/laminated by me to look just like the external wall paint.

Is this allowed ? The wall in question is not going to be a load bearing wall.


What about change of floor tiles, is that allowed

amit gupta
amit gupta

Hi ,

Nice Article ,what about covering balcony with Sliding glass and Jali door ,which are move able and can open any side,with out extending or projecting outside the balcony area.


M K Verma
M K Verma

Had been regularly reading ur articles / posts, they are highly informative & useful :
1. What are the changes permitted inside the flat.
2. To what extent civil work can be altered inside the flat viz changing position of walls, doors, windows , changes in position of WC, Washbasin , sink etc in the bath room/ kitchen.
3. Changes in position of electrical sockets, switches etc.


What about iron angles in balcony railing to dry clothes after washing ?

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