Conditions for issuing completion certificate for a group housing project

Minimum requirement for (part/full) completion of a group housing project:

1) Flooring i.e. hard surface and completely finished floors for common areas or public use areas.
2) Electrical wiring.
3) Plumbing work completed.
4) Parking and Landscaping.
5) Number plate and illumination board.
6) Internal and external finishing (plastering not mandatory).
7) Boundary wall and gates.
8) Building shall be lockable i.e. all external doors and windows shall be provided. In case grill is provided, fixing of
window glass is not mandatory.
9) At lease one lift provided should be categorizable under good lift quality.
10) No violation of building plan and approvals.
11) All other specific provisions in lease deed shall be met. e.g. all due payments shall be cleared, FAR coverage
guidelines shall be met etc.
12) If completion certificate request is for whole project, any temporary structure shall be removed.
13) If completion certificate request is for partial project, at least 15% FAR shall be built.
14) All mandatory services should be provided and promoter shall segregate these blocks for purpose of security during construction period.
15) All documents as mentioned below should be in place.

Documents/approvals required for (part/full) completion of a group housing project:

1) Fire fighting arrangements certificate from Fire department.
2) Electrical safety clearance from UPPC.
3) Environmental clearance.
4) Earthquake resistance No objection certificate (NOC), Structural stability and soundness certificate from any reputed
institution notified by the government.
5) Certificate from lift manufacturer.
6) Inspection certificate from Noida authority.
7) Approval of Drainage/sewage work.
8) Approval of Sanitary/water supply works.
9) Form A duly submitted witth authority.

If your project has got CC (completion certificate) or applied for CC and still does not meet these requirements, the buyers have all the rights to question the builder an/or authority.

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Last updated: April 29, 2015 at 23:53 pm

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Hello, is there any provision for supply of drinking water as in articular value of TDS water? Very nice post though.
And are these requirement the same for haryana as well?



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Nimesh Panda
Nimesh Panda

Above post refers to CC but I would like to know the role of Occupancy Certificate. Our builder says OC is not required for residential project, Is it true?

rajesh Dube
rajesh Dube

The builder has given posession to buyers without getting CC from Noida authority snd without registry. Entire project is now getting habited in same condition. What are the negatives ??

Thank you. This list will guide Today Homes’ buyers while taking possession in Tower B& C for which possession is expected soon but the above mentioned works are still pending and there is no sight of OC.


Thanks for the list. We were in need of this list badly.

balbir singh
balbir singh

What to do if a builder issues possession letter without completing the above formalities/documentation

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